Sezóna 1 Sezóna 2
1x01: Pilot 1x01(509x)2x01: The Bus -
1x02: Birthday Boy 1x02(461x)2x02: Revelations -
1x03: He Saw, She Saw 1x03(462x)2x03: Confidence -
1x04: Between the Cracks 1x04(517x)2x04: Prodigy -
1x05: Suspect 1x05(477x)2x05: Copycat -
1x06: Silent Partner 1x06(506x)2x06: Our Sons and Daughters -
1x07: Snatch Back -2x07: A Tree Falls -
1x08: Little Big Man -2x08: Trip Box -
1x09: In Extremis -2x09: Moving On -
1x10: Midnight Sun -2x10: Coming Home -
1x11: Maple Street -2x11: Exposure -
1x12: Underground Railroad -2x12: Hawks and Handsaws -
1x13: Hang On to Me -2x13: Life Rules -
1x14: The Friendly Skies -2x14: The Line -
1x15: There Goes the Bride -2x15: Wannabe -
1x16: Clare de Lune -2x16: Risen -
1x17: Kam Li -2x17: Gung Ho -
1x18: The Source -2x18: Legacy -
1x19: Victory for Humanity -2x19: Doppelgänger -
1x20: No Mas -2x20: Shadows -
1x21: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? -2x21: Two Families -
1x22: Fall Out Part 1 -2x22: The Season -
1x23: Fall Out Part 2 -2x23: Lost and Found -
2x24: Bait -

Sezóna 3 Sezóna 4
3x01: In the Dark -4x01: Showdown 4x01(456x)
3x02: Thou Shalt Not -4x02: Safe -
3x03: Light Years -4x03: From the Ashes -
3x04: Upstairs Downstairs -4x04: Lost Time -
3x05: American Goddess -4x05: Honor Bound -
3x06: Nickel and Dimed Part 1 -4x06: Viuda Negra -
3x07: Nickel and Dimed Part 2 -4x07: The Innocents -
3x08: Doppelgänger II -4x08: A Day in the Life -
3x09: Trials -4x09: Freefall -
3x10: Malone v. Malone -4x10: When Darkness Falls -
3x11: 4.0 -4x11: Blood Out -
3x12: Penitence -4x12: Patient X -
3x13: Volcano -4x13: Rage -
3x14: Neither Rain Nor Sleet -4x14: Odds or Evens -
3x15: Party Girl -4x15: The Stranger -
3x16: Manhunt -4x16: The Little Things -
3x17: Lone Star -4x17: Check Your Head -
3x18: Transitions -4x18: The Road Home -
3x19: Second Sight -4x19: Expectations -
3x20: The Bogie Man -4x20: More Than This -
3x21: Off the Tracks -4x21: Shattered -
3x22: John Michaels -4x22: Requiem -
3x23: Endgame -4x23: White Balance -
4x24: Crossroads -

Sezóna 5 Sezóna 6
5x01: Stolen 5x01(488x)6x01: Lost Boy 6x01(509x)
5x02: Candy 5x02(476x)6x02: Clean Up -
5x03: 911 5x03(457x)6x03: Res Ipsa -
5x04: All for One -6x04: Baggage -
5x05: The Damage Done -6x05: Run 6x05(477x)
5x06: The Calm Before -6x06: Where and Why 6x06(544x)
5x07: All the Sinners, Saints -6x07: Absalom 6x07(463x)
5x08: Win Today -6x08: Fight/Flight 6x08(470x)
5x09: Watch Over Me -6x09: One Wrong Move 6x09(518x)
5x10: The Thing With Feathers -6x10: Claus and Effect 6x10(527x)
5x11: Fade-Away -6x11: 4G 6x11(542x)
5x12: Tail Spin -6x12: Article 32 6x12(466x)
5x13: Eating Away -6x13: Hard Reset 6x13(480x)
5x14: Primed -6x14: A Bend In the Road 6x14(508x)
5x15: Desert Springs -6x15: Deja Vu 6x15(514x)
5x16: Without You -6x16: A Dollar and a Dream 6x16(481x)
5x17: Deep Water -6x17: Driven 6x17(521x)
5x18: Connections -6x18: Satellites 6x18(531x)
5x19: At Rest -
5x20: Skin Deep -
5x21: Crash and Burn -
5x22: One and Only -
5x23: Two of Us -
5x24: The Beginning -

Sezóna 7
7x01: Closure 7x01(501x)
7x02: Push Come The Shove 7x02(460x)
7x03: Cloudy With a Chance of Gettysburg 7x03(415x)
7x04: True/False 7x04(459x)
7x05: Rise and Fall 7x05(437x)
7x06: Live To Regret 7x06(454x)
7x07: Rewind 7x07(443x)
7x08: Better Angels 7x08(456x)
7x09: Push Comes to Shove 7x09(462x)
7x10: Cloudy with a Chance of Gettysburg 7x10(8x)
7x11: Wanted 99%
7x12: Believe Me -
7x13: Once Lost -
7x14: Friends and Neighbors -
7x15: Chameleon -
7x16: Skeletons -
7x17: Voir Dire -
7x18: Daylight -
7x19: -
7x20: -
7x21: -
7x22: -