Sezóna 1 Sezóna 2
1x01: Pilot -2x01: Judgment Call -
1x02: Uncertainty Principle -2x02: Bettor or Worse -
1x03: Vector -2x03: Obsession -
1x04: Structural Corruption -2x04: Calculated Risk -
1x05: Prime Suspect -2x05: Assassin -
1x06: Sabotage -2x06: Soft Target -
1x07: Counterfeit Reality -2x07: Convergence -
1x08: Identity Crisis -2x08: In Plain Sight -
1x09: Sniper Zero -2x09: Toxin -
1x10: Dirty Bomb -2x10: Bones of Contention -
1x11: Sacrifice -2x11: Scorched -
1x12: Noisy Edge -2x12: The OG -
1x13: Man Hunt -2x13: Double Down -
2x14: Harvest -
2x15: The Running Man -
2x16: Protest -
2x17: Mind Games -
2x18: All's Fair -
2x19: Dark Matter -
2x20: Guns and Roses -
2x21: Rampage -
2x22: Backscatter -
2x23: Undercurrents -
2x24: Hot Shot -

Sezóna 3 Sezóna 4
3x01: Spree -4x01: Trust Metric -
3x02: Two Daughters -4x02: Hollywood Homicide -
3x03: Provenance -4x03: Velocity -
3x04: The Mole -4x04: Thirteen -
3x05: Traffic -4x05: Robin Hood -
3x06: Longshot -4x06: In Security -
3x07: Blackout -4x07: Primacy -
3x08: Hardball -4x08: Tabu -
3x09: Waste Not -4x09: Graphic -
3x10: Brutus -4x10: Chinese Box -
3x11: Killer Chat -4x11: Breaking Point -
3x12: Nine Wives -4x12: Power -
3x13: Finders Keepers -4x13: Black Swan -
3x14: Take Out -4x14: Checkmate -
3x15: End of Watch -4x15: End Game -
3x16: Contenders -4x16: Atomic No. 33 -
3x17: One Hour -4x17: Pay to Play -
3x18: Democracy -4x18: When Worlds Collide -
3x19: Pandora's Box -
3x20: Burn Rate -
3x21: The Art of Reckoning -
3x22: Under Pressure -
3x23: Money for Nothing -
3x24: The Janus List -