Sezóna 1 Sezóna 2
1x01: Yankee White 1x01(588x)2x01: See No Evil -
1x02: Hung Out to Dry 1x02(517x)2x02: The Good Wives Club -
1x03: Sea Dog -2x03: Vanished -
1x04: The Immortals -2x04: Lt. Jane Doe -
1x05: The Curse -2x05: The Boneyard -
1x06: High Seas -2x06: Terminal Leave -
1x07: Sub Rosa -2x07: Call of Silence -
1x08: Minimum Security -2x08: Heart Break -
1x09: Marine Down -2x09: Forced Entry -
1x10: Left for Dead -2x10: Chained -
1x11: Eye Spy -2x11: Black Water -
1x12: My Other Left Foot -2x12: Doppelgänger -
1x13: One Shot, One Kill -2x13: The Meat Puzzle -
1x14: The Good Samaritan -2x14: Witness -
1x15: Enigma -2x15: Caught on Tape -
1x16: Bete Noire -2x16: Pop Life -
1x17: The Truth Is Out There) -2x17: An Eye for an Eye -
1x18: UnSEALed -2x18: Bikini Wax -
1x19: Dead Man Talking -2x19: Conspiracy Theory -
1x20: Missing -2x20: Red Cell -
1x21: Split Decision -2x21: Hometown Hero -
1x22: A Weak Link -2x22: SWAK -
1x23: Reveille -2x23: Twilight -

Sezóna 3 Sezóna 4
3x01: Kill Ari: Part 1 -4x01: Shalom -
3x02: Kill Ari: Part 2 -4x02: Escaped -
3x03: Mind Games -4x03: Singled Out -
3x04: Silver War -4x04: Faking It -
3x05: Switch -4x05: Dead and Unburied -
3x06: The Voyeur's Web -4x06: Witch Hunt -
3x07: Honor Code -4x07: Sandblast -
3x08: Under Covers -4x08: Once a Hero -
3x09: Frame Up -4x09: Twisted Sister -
3x10: Probie -4x10: Smoked -
3x11: Model Behaviour -4x11: Driven -
3x12: Boxed In -4x12: Suspicion -
3x13: Deception -4x13: Sharif Returns -
3x14: Light Sleeper -4x14: Blowback -
3x15: Head Case -4x15: Friends and Lovers -
3x16: Family Secret -4x16: Dead Man Walking -
3x17: Ravenous -4x17: Skeletons -
3x18: Bait -4x18: Iceman -
3x19: Iced -4x19: Grace Period -
3x20: Untouchable -4x20: Cover Story -
3x21: Bloodbath -4x21: Brothers in Arms -
3x22: Jeopardy -4x22: In the Dark -
3x23: Hiatus: Part 1 -4x23: Trojan Horse -
3x24: Hiatus: Part 2 -4x24: Angel of Death -

Sezóna 5 Sezóna 6
5x01: Bury Your Dead -6x01: Last Man Standing 6x01(595x)
5x02: Family -6x02: Agent Afloat 6x02(516x)
5x03: The Ex-File -6x03: Capitol Offense -
5x04: Identity Crisis -6x04: Heartland -
5x05: Leap of Faith -6x05: -
5x06: Chimera -
5x07: Requiem -
5x08: Designated Target -
5x09: Lost and Found -
5x10: Corporal Punishment -
5x11: Tribes -
5x12: Stakeout -
5x13: Dog Tags -
5x14: Internal Affairs -
5x15: In the Zone -
5x16: Recoil -
5x17: About Face -
5x18: Judgement Day -