Sezóna 1 Sezóna 2
1x01: Pilot 1x01(609x)2x01: A New Day in the Old Town 2x01(505x)
1x02: The Same Old Story 1x02(680x)2x02: Night of Desirable Objects 2x02(445x)
1x03: The Ghost Network 1x03(637x)2x03: Fracture 2x03(434x)
1x04: The Arrival 1x04(567x)2x04: Momentum Deferred 2x04(446x)
1x05: Power Hungry 1x05(524x)2x05: Dream Logic 2x05(436x)
1x06: The Cure 1x06(490x)2x06: Earthling 2x06(421x)
1x07: In Which We Meet Mr. Jones 1x07(498x)2x07: Of Human Action 2x07(424x)
1x08: The Equation 1x08(468x)2x08: August 2x08(409x)
1x09: The Dreamscape 1x09(489x)2x09: Snakehead 2x09(434x)
1x10: Safe 1x10(509x)2x10: Grey Matters 2x10(421x)
1x11: Bound 1x11(575x)2x11: Unearthed 2x11(457x)
1x12: The No-Brainer 1x12(539x)2x12: Johari Window 2x12(423x)
1x13: The Transformation 1x13(523x)2x13: What Lies Below 2x13(424x)
1x14: Ability 1x14(587x)2x14: The Bishop Revival 2x14(400x)
1x15: Inner Child 1x15(522x)2x15: Jacksonville 2x15(446x)
1x16: Unleashed 1x16(536x)2x16: Peter 2x16(357x)
1x17: Bad Dreams 1x17(529x)2x17: Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver 2x17(378x)
1x18: Midnight 1x18(521x)2x18: White Tulip 2x18(346x)
1x19: The Road Not Taken 1x19(485x)2x19: The Man from the Other Side 2x19(327x)
1x20: There's More Than One of Everything 1x20(502x)2x20: Brown Betty 2x20(342x)
2x21: Northwest Passage 2x21(365x)
2x22: Over There: Part 1 2x22(341x)
2x23: Over There: Part 2 2x23(332x)

Sezóna 3
3x01: Olivia 3x01(355x)
3x02: The Box 3x02(358x)
3x03: The Plateau 3x03(363x)
3x04: Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric S... 3x04(354x)
3x05: Amber 31422 3x05(329x)
3x06: 6955 kHz 3x06(327x)
3x07: The Abducted 3x07(353x)
3x08: Entrada 3x08(366x)
3x09: Marionette 3x09(347x)