Sezóna 1[S01](577x) Sezóna 2[S02](512x)
1x01: Pilot 1x01(514x)2x01: The Titan on the Tracks 2x01(458x)
1x02: The Man in the S.U.V. 1x02(454x)2x02: Mother and Child in the Bay 2x02(469x)
1x03: A Boy in the Tree 1x03(470x)2x03: The Boy in the Shroud 2x03(430x)
1x04: The Man in the Bear 1x04(467x)2x04: The Blonde in the Game 2x04(416x)
1x05: A Boy In a Bush 1x05(497x)2x05: The Truth in the Lye 2x05(471x)
1x06: The Man in the Wall 1x06(478x)2x06: The Girl In Suite 2103 2x06(482x)
1x07: A Man on Death Row 1x07(473x)2x07: The Girl with the Curl 2x07(464x)
1x08: The Girl in the Fridge 1x08(427x)2x08: The Woman in the Sand 2x08(436x)
1x09: The Man in the Fallout Shelter 1x09(460x)2x09: Aliens in a Spaceship 2x09(430x)
1x10: The Woman at the Airport 1x10(459x)2x10: The Headless Witch in the Woods 2x10(456x)
1x11: The Woman in the Car 1x11(476x)2x11: Judas on a Pole 2x11(473x)
1x12: The Superhero in the Alley 1x12(468x)2x12: The Man in the Cell 2x12(436x)
1x13: The Woman in the Garden 1x13(474x)2x13: The Girl in the Gator 2x13(480x)
1x14: The Man on the Fairway 1x14(475x)2x14: The Man in the Mansion 2x14(458x)
1x15: Two Bodies in the Lab 1x15(445x)2x15: The Bodies in the Book 2x15(488x)
1x16: The Woman in the Tunnel 1x16(439x)2x16: The Boneless Bride in the River 2x16(478x)
1x17: The Skull in the Desert 1x17(464x)2x17: The Priest in the Churchyard 2x17(485x)
1x18: The Man with the Bone 1x18(428x)2x18: The Killer in the Concrete 2x18(435x)
1x19: The Man in the Morgue 1x19(471x)2x19: Spaceman in a Crater 2x19(489x)
1x20: The Graft in the Girl 1x20(477x)2x20: The GlowingBones in the OldStoneHouse 2x20(429x)
1x21: The Soldier on the Grave 1x21(466x)2x21: Stargazer in a Puddle 2x21(442x)
1x22: The Woman in Limbo 1x22(470x)

Sezóna 3[S03](583x) Sezóna 4
3x01: The Widow's Son in the Windshield 3x01(540x)4x01: Yanks in the UK Part 1 4x01(996x)
3x02: Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van 3x02(507x)4x02: Yanks in the UK Part 2 4x02(963x)
3x03: Death in the Saddle 3x03(459x)4x03: The Man in the Outhouse 4x03(622x)
3x04: The Secret in the Soil 3x04(453x)4x04: The Finger in the Nest 4x04(648x)
3x05: Mummy in the Maze 3x05(478x)4x05: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond 4x05(629x)
3x06: Intern in the Incinerator 3x06(471x)4x06: The Crank in the Shaft 4x06(615x)
3x07: Boy in the Time Capsule 3x07(447x)4x07: The He in the She 4x07(637x)
3x08: The Knight on the Grid 3x08(460x)4x08: The Scull in the Sculpture 4x08(645x)
3x09: The Santa in the Slush 3x09(468x)4x09: The Con Man in the Meth Lab 4x09(649x)
3x10: The Man in the Mud 3x10(446x)4x10: The Passenger in the Oven 4x10(654x)
3x11: Player Under Pressure 3x11(521x)4x11: The Bone That Blew 4x11(654x)
3x12: The Baby in the Bough 3x12(467x)4x12: Double Trouble in the Panhandle 4x12(652x)
3x13: The Verdict in the Story 3x13(520x)4x13: Fire in the Ice 4x13(662x)
3x14: The Wannabe in the Weeds 3x14(544x)4x14: The Hero in the Hold 4x14(637x)
3x15: The Pain in the Heart 3x15(506x)4x15: The Princess and the Pear 4x15(629x)
4x16: The Bones That Foam 4x16(600x)
4x17: The Salt in the Wounds 4x17(599x)
4x18: Doctor in the Den 4x18(630x)
4x19: Science in the Physicist 4x19(620x)
4x20: The Cinderella in the Cardboard 4x20(630x)
4x21: Mayhem on Cross 4x21(707x)
4x22: The Double Death of The Dearly D. 4x22(687x)
4x23: The Girl in the Mask 4x23(510x)
4x24: The Beaver in the Otter 4x24(519x)
4x25: The Critic in the Cabernet 4x25(520x)
4x26: The End in the Beginning 4x26(533x)

Sezóna 5
5x01: Harbingers Under the Fountain 5x01(572x)
5x02: The Tough Man in the Tinderbox 5x02(568x)
5x03: The Plain in the Prodigy 5x03(488x)
5x04: Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 5x04(505x)
5x05: A Night at the Bones Museum 5x05(563x)
5x06: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken 5x06(496x)
5x07: The Dwarf in the Dirt 5x07(443x)
5x08: The Foot in the Foreclosure 5x08(483x)
5x09: Gamer in the Grease 5x09(479x)
5x10: The Goop on the Girl 5x10(467x)
5x11: The X In The File 5x11(518x)
5x12: The Proof in the Pudding 5x12(520x)
5x13: The Dentist in the Ditch 5x13(182x)
5x14: The Devil in the Details 5x14(172x)
5x15: The Bones on the Blue Line 5x15(181x)
5x16: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole 5x16(204x)
5x17: The Death of the Queen Bee 5x17(188x)
5x18: The Predator in the Pool 5x18(196x)
5x19: The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle 5x19(193x)
5x20: The Witch in the Wardrobe 5x20(191x)
5x21: The Boy with the Answer 5x21(186x)
5x22: The Beginning in the End 5x22(208x)